With the new emergence of the borderless world, each company has emerged with new challenges in which prepare us in meeting with the needs of our business
partners and the ability to give the best solution to the ever-changing surroundings.  At AXIOM Enterprise, we are redefining the rules of business and are adding
a new dash of added delight to expectations, from its own people and partner-clients --- every client is our partner, hence client-partner.

Our business consists of digitalized commodities, such as TV, Monitor, tablet PC.  More over, in the new Millennium, surroundings is always to be changed, the
commercial field in particular, people always talk about the “Win-Win” in the business field, to us, the entire team of AXIOM is a true believer of “4Wins”, it is not
just about how high-end the spec. for the solutions or how low cost the solutions you can come up with, we reckon, it is about how Satisfactory the Solutions can
be in terms of fulfilling all parties involved
( ie AXIOM's existing long-term business partners in the market, AXIOM's venders, AXIOM's assets/team members, and the end customers), therefore, with the
each member's experience more than a decade in the panel related field, AXIOM provides the most value updated comprehensive application about LED panels,
to our clients to accomplish their end customers' satisfaction.  AXIOM capitalize herself to be a panel related total solution provider.

The total solution designed to hold the highly performance in the harsh environments, AXIOM knows this as well than many others in similar areas of operation.
With this solid foundation of knowledge AXIOM brings in for itself the cutting edge technology of digitalized products for the commodity industry and separates
itself from the run of the mill type service and products provide.  All the AXIOM's products are rugged enough to face and withstand all types of shocks, vibrations,
humidity issues. The products are equipped with qualified-enough grade reliability, long product life cycles and are adapted in order to closely meet customers'

When the mission is critical, one cannot let things happen by chance. Perfection has to be the keyword and where perfection is the key word, perfection is the
focus, AXIOM's  products and team members are hardly have an option.

The product range from AXIOM is extremely wide and covers a large number of applications such as :

LED Monitor

All sorts of panel consultancy

Besides these, AXIOM has also designed and developed products for OEM / ODM requirements of a diverse nature.

With the AXIOM expertise spanning over all the developmental stages of the digitalized industry worldwide, AXIOM has been able to provide the best equipment
that takes care of the clients's present needs and also suffices for their future demands. AXIOM has been setting higher standards for itself day after day,
assignment to assignment, job after job and the experienced team of talented engineers has been working incessantly to meet and keep up with these self set
standards. The efforts and dedication of the team at AXIOM have integrated each team members' experience and expertise for the total solution offered which is a
reliable, end- to- end solutions to the existing partner and those who potential ones.

Principle for Integration
AXIOM has fully equipped, ultra modern integration ISO 9001 – 2000 Certified Laboratory facility to integrate almost all the products it ships. The state of the art
equipment, the fully trained technicians, and the perfectly knowledgeable sales force ensures that every product shipped, every system transported to the
customer shall provide a totally trouble free operation irrespective of the complexities involved. The completed system is then equipped with the necessary drivers
along with the updates.

Principle for Customizing needs of Today and Tomorrow
Often customer requirements cannot be met by an off-the-shelf product. AXIOM has extensive experience in Custom Product Design and integration for a wide
variety of commodities including: LED display, Tablet PC.   

Principle for Integration Documentation
The hallmark of a professional integration department is shipment-to-shipment consistency. AXIOM
utilizes extensive system integration documentation to assure the 500th system is exactly identical to the first. There is no 'tribal knowledge' involved in how a
system is put together and it does not matter which Integration Technician is assigned to any particular project.

Principle Shipping
The order is checked for completeness and packaged in high quality boxes with product specific foam for protection. As required or justified, shipments can be
palletized for additional protection. AXIOM can use any shipping carrier or freight service as specified by the customer.

Principle for Data Acquisition
AXIOM has joined hands with global manufacturers to provide all the necessary data Acquisition Solutions which helps improve information gathering capacity of
the customers’ systems.
With all these support systems, such as AUO, CMO, Sharp, Hitachi, Samsung, LG, and its dedicated team of employees, those ISO 9001-2000 certified
companies acknowledged by AXIOM at the local level is all set to grow in leaps and bounds and meet all and any customers’ needs to the fullest satisfaction.

Principle for Cost Efficient
Taiwan is the key area for 3C related products, with "made in China" plus "watchdog by Taiwan" principle offered by AXIOM in turn to offer those products with
cost efficient to the existing business partners and those potentially.
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